The scaffolding on our new building has fallen

Today, after 8 months of construction, the scaffolding fell on our new building. In April, the craftsmen will finish the outside facilities and the interior work, so that we can hand over the building in May. 

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E&A meets with high school students of the secondary school Dohna

news_2_190329On 26.03. and 27.03.2019 we organized a visit to our company and an excursion to the DREWAG Energy Museum together with pupils and the coordinator School - Economy of the Oberschule Dohna. These events served the systematic vocational orientation within a co-operation agreement, which we concluded with the secondary school Dohna. The boys and girls were interested in the explanations given by the managing director of E&A and the DREWAG employee who runs the museum. Many thanks to DREWAG, who made the visit to the Energy Museum possible for us.  



We receive new planning order from Berliner Wasserbetrieben

Berliner Wasserbetriebe has commissioned us with the demand planning and preliminary planning for increasing the availability of the electrical energy supply for 8 important wastewater pumping stations. The variants of a 2nd ring cable feed-in and the redundant supply via an emergency power supply system are to be investigated. The reason for the increase in the availability of the electrical energy supply of the technological systems is the increase in the pumping capacity of the pumping stations in recent years.


E&A also participates in the entrepreneur fund for 1000plus in 2018

1000plus is a project of the Pro Femina e.V. association, which has been advising women in pregnancy conflicts for years and helping them to have their child.
 This project is also bursting at the seams in 2018, the number of consultations has doubled since last year. From an entrepreneurial point of view, one would speak of a doubling of the company's performance. As a company, we know very well that this has to be solidly financed and are supporting the project financially this year as well. For us, this is a matter of honour and safeguarding the future of our country!


The shell of our new company building is almost finished!

After the ceiling of the 2nd floor has been installed today, the shell of the new building is almost finished. The construction work is well on schedule. Now the roof truss is assembled and the topping-out ceremony is celebrated. The interior work will also begin in November.

New modules introduced for PowerFactory network calculation software

In November, E&A considerably expanded its own capabilities in the planning and analysis of electrical supply networks. This applies to public supply networks as well as to industrial networks and supply networks of infrastructure facilities. We will be able to offer our customers the following additional calculation and analysis methods in the future:

harmonic analysis
The harmonic analysis enables an assessment of the voltage quality and allows conclusions to be drawn about the load on electrical equipment such as transformers, cables and switchgear. These considerations are necessary, for example, for the construction of new plants with drives operated by converters or also for generators (PV plants, wind parks, etc.).

Filter dimensioning for harmonic reduction
If the harmonic analysis reveals an increase in the normatively permissible limit values for harmonics, the use of filters for harmonic reduction is unavoidable. For filter dimensioning, it is necessary, among other things, to determine the resonance points in the network. After analysis of the mains impedance in the frequency response, the required filter for harmonic reduction can be dimensioned.

Simulation of transient switching operations
EMT simulation (electromagnetic transients) can be used to simulate the effects of transient switching processes on the network. The switching on and off of transformers, generators or capacitor banks can be exactly analyzed and evaluated with this tool.

RMS simulation
With the RMS simulation, the grid can be represented with controlled energy feeds (CHP, wind farms, photovoltaic plants) including controllers and tested for stability in all modifications. A practical example is the transition of an industrial grid from grid operation to island operation with supply via a grid backup system. Here, the reaction of the network to connections or occurring faults and the resulting control deviation can be analysed. The simulation of a block-type thermal power station for an occurring short-circuit event enabled statements to be made about electrical parameters at the generator, as well as the evaluation of the control behaviour and the determination of operating limits.

Commissioning of main pumping station "Am Stern" in Potsdam progressing well

We have been entrusted with the construction supervision of the work on the renewal of the E/I&C technology of the pumping station. Complex commissioning began on 24.09.2018. These include, for example, 4 pump drives with a connected load of 300kW and an associated flow rate of 1200m³/h.

The construction of our new office building is progressing!

Last week the floor slab was made, now the walls of reinforced concrete and bricks for the ground floor are growing up, which will later house the cafeteria for our employees and a large meeting room. The ceiling of the ground floor will be laid next week.

Stadtwerke Jena opts for E&A as external partner for EMC plant assessments

In September 2018, Stadtwerke Jena informed us that, following a selection procedure, we had been selected as an external service provider for the assessment of transformer stations and switchgear in accordance with the 26th BimSchV.
The 26th Federal Immission Protection Ordinance, which came into force on January 1, 1997, requires proof of compliance with limits for electric and magnetic fields in low-frequency plants for new and old plants. (50 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz). The volume of the systems to be assessed will increase in perspective due to the more complex network expansion in the urban area.

We successfully complete Mitterteich 3 air separator project with Linde

After 2 years of intensive work we complete the project ASU MT 3 together with Linde. Our scope of services covered our entire portfolio of services:

Planning, engineering and construction of the entire electrical system (low and medium voltage)
- Planning of all electrical operating rooms
- Production of low voltage switchgear
- Conversion and retrofit MS switchgear
- Assembly of the entire electrical engineering
- Commissioning and protection testing
- documentary