Commissioning of main pumping station "Am Stern" in Potsdam progressing well

We have been entrusted with the construction supervision of the work on the renewal of the E/I&C technology of the pumping station. Complex commissioning began on 24.09.2018. These include, for example, 4 pump drives with a connected load of 300kW and an associated flow rate of 1200m³/h.

The construction of our new office building is progressing!

Last week the floor slab was made, now the walls of reinforced concrete and bricks for the ground floor are growing up, which will later house the cafeteria for our employees and a large meeting room. The ceiling of the ground floor will be laid next week.

Stadtwerke Jena opts for E&A as external partner for EMC plant assessments

In September 2018, Stadtwerke Jena informed us that, following a selection procedure, we had been selected as an external service provider for the assessment of transformer stations and switchgear in accordance with the 26th BimSchV.
The 26th Federal Immission Protection Ordinance, which came into force on January 1, 1997, requires proof of compliance with limits for electric and magnetic fields in low-frequency plants for new and old plants. (50 Hz, 16 2/3 Hz). The volume of the systems to be assessed will increase in perspective due to the more complex network expansion in the urban area.

We successfully complete Mitterteich 3 air separator project with Linde

After 2 years of intensive work we complete the project ASU MT 3 together with Linde. Our scope of services covered our entire portfolio of services:

Planning, engineering and construction of the entire electrical system (low and medium voltage)
- Planning of all electrical operating rooms
- Production of low voltage switchgear
- Conversion and retrofit MS switchgear
- Assembly of the entire electrical engineering
- Commissioning and protection testing
- documentary

E&A to build new project planning areas and cafeteria in 2018

On 15.06.2018 the starting signal for a new building on our company premises was given. The building houses a cafeteria and two floors for new project planning areas. With the new building we create the necessary space for current and future tasks, finally the staff and the customers of E&A have a central and multifunctional meeting room, which can also be used as a cafeteria.   

Our projects need reinforcement!

We are looking for you! Most important is the vacant position of our production manager, which is to be filled in the near future. Apply now!

Framework agreement with Linde renewed

On 20.04.2018, representatives of the Munich-based technology group Linde Gas AG and the Managing Director of E&A signed the new framework agreement, which will accompany both parties in their operating business over the next few years. Through the framework agreement, E&A will be responsible for projects throughout Europe, in parts of Asia and in North Africa. The entire E&A portfolio is used here. New additions include the engineering services part and the retrofitting of PD monitoring systems on large drives.


What does an electrical installation technician actually do? What is electrical equipment in a control cabinet? What's in all the power boxes on the street?
And how does the power get into the socket? We could clarify and explain a lot with the pupils of the secondary school Dohna, who visited us within the campaign TAKE A LOOK INSIDE of the state Saxony for vocational orientation on 13.03.2018. We were able to arrange an internship with 2 pupils in our production facility.

Development and creation of typical schemes for HYCOMP completed

Over the past 6 months, E&A has developed typicals for worldwide use by switch cabinet manufacturers and plant constructors on behalf of Linde AG. To the typicals developed by us for redundant medium-voltage and low-voltage power supplies, as well as for low-voltage motor feeders in various versions, included a functional single-line diagram and the corresponding logic by means of PAP (standard flow diagram).

Piloting of TE monitoring systems started at BASF

We have been commissioned by BASF Ludwigshafen to carry out the piloting of the TE measuring systems intended for machine monitoring on 6  pieces 6kV machines. Our scope of supply includes the installation of coupling capacitances including cabinets on the machines, their connection to the motor winding and the entire associated sensor system. Partially, the connection cabinets of the machines are equipped with bursting disc. The piloting also includes the commissioning of the measuring systems together with the customer.